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Kalmar2 - access to Nordic higher education with a single login

The Kalmar e-identity Union is a cross-Nordic authentication system for higher education and research. Students and staff members in a Nordic university or research institution can use a single username and password to access services in other Nordic countries.

The goal of the union is to enhance research and education in the Nordic area by easing the use of  web resources in the other countries. This includes

  • e-learning services, such as learning management systems
  • research resources, such as portals, collaboration platforms and grids
  • commercial content and services, such as library contents and outsourced services
  • division of responsibility for maintenance of systems who would otherwise be beyond the resources of one Nordic country

Kalmar Union is build on the national academic e-identity federations. The establishment of Kalmar Union is funded by NordForsk.


2013-06-06 - Kalmar grows in Maastricht

Yesterday, on the 5th of June 2013, the steering commitee of the Kalmar Union accepted the application for membership from TAAT, the Estonian federation.

We welcome the first new member of the union since the inauguration in September 2009.

Best regards from the Kalmar Steering Committee

David Simonsen (Denmark)
Ingrid Melve (Norway)
Jon Ingi Einarsson (Iceland)
Mikael Linden (Finland)
Torbjörn Wiberg (Sweden)
Valter Nord (Sweden)

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