Kalmar Union

The first Kalmar Union lasted from 1397 to 1524. It consisted of Norway (Iceland included), Sweden (Finland included) and Denmark. The Kalmar Union treaty defined the  framework for the economical, political and military cooperation during this period.

In the middleage, politics was at the heart of the union - and so it remains today:  cooperation between Nordic researchers is politically seen as a necessity to keep up with the international competition in higher education and research. The second Kalmar Union aims at easing Nordic co-operation by making the usernames, passwords and other credentials valid all over the information system landscape of the union.

Academic Identity Federations

Identity Federations have been set up to serve the academic communities around the world (REFEDs federation survey). The federations all have a simple goal in common: to provide better and more services to the users.

Nordic countries have had close co-operation in identity management since 2001 (GNOMIS).

  • The possibility of bridging the nordic federations was demonstrated in the NORDUnet conference in September 2006 (pdf)
  • The necessary legal and policy study was presented in TERENA Networking conference 2007 (presentation)
  • Financed by Nordforsk, the development and deployment of Kalmar Union started in 2008
  • The results were presented in TERENA Networking Conference 2009 (presentation)

The Kalmar2 logo is inspired by the first known seal of Kalmar city which dates back to 13th century (see below).

The gate of the tower has been enlarged signifying more openness than a traditional fortress does: none. The text 'KALMAR2' is the graphical 'foundation' of the tower, with a compact yet readable font type. 'KALMAR2' thereby becomes the foundation of the gate to new collaboration based on electronic identities and role based access management.

The color of the tower and '2' is a mix of the colors used for the ancient Kalmar Union flag (red and yellow): orange. The green color symbolizes the living or growing.


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